7 Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

The first things many women do when they want to lose weight after they have a baby is dramatically cut their calories and make a list of off-limit foods. Even with the best intentions, doing this is actually slowing down your metabolism and creating cravings. This results in more stored fat, and the eventual binge when cravings are finally too strong to ignore.


Pregnancy weight loss

Then there is the sense of failure and frustration due to feeling like you have fallen off the wagon. Determined to do better next time, the cycle begins all over again. Yo-yo dieting is a way of life for millions of Americans — even though most diets end in failure.


Nutrition is the leading contributor to weight loss. It is imperative that you stay conscious of what goes into your body. The quality of food you eat is directly reflected in your body’s appearance, as well as your overall health. No amount of exercise can counterbalance a poor diet.


Here are some recommendations for lasting weight loss:


1. Do not drastically cut calories. They are what your body uses for energy and necessary for it to function efficiently. Instead, you can limit the empty calories. These come from foods with little or no nutrients. If some of the leading ingredients are flour, high fructose corn syrup, sugar or partially hydrogenated oils, you can bet the food does not support your health or weight loss.


2. Keep junk foods out of sight, and out of mind. When ice cream is in the freezer or potato chips are calling to you from the pantry, they are hard to ignore. Keep healthy snacks that satisfy your cravings close by. If you have a sweet tooth, strawberries should do the trick. If you crave crunchy or salty foods, keep carrots or a variety of nuts in stock.


3. Do not drink your calories. Soda, juice, coffee filled with creamer and alcohol can contain a ton of calories. By sticking to tea and water you can cut hundreds of calories each day. By simple cutting out a couple high-calorie beverages daily, you can easily lose several pounds.


4. Make fitness a priority. If exercise is something that is done only when you have the time, chances are that it will not happen very often. Make fitness a priority and schedule it on your calendar like you would a lunch date or a doctor’s appointment. Find what works best for you and stick to it. The best time might be first thing in the morning before the kids wake up, or in the afternoon when they nap. You may find that exercising with your child works best. Whatever time of day or type of exercise you choose, it is important to be consistent. Make it a priority and a habit.


5. Every little bit counts. Getting in shape does not require a daily two-hour commitment at the gym. Something as simple as an afternoon walk around the neighborhood with the stroller, or squatting and lunging as you hold your baby can make a big difference.


6. Change your mindset. Developing a positive attitude towards weight loss and health is absolutely necessary if you want to be successful. It has been proven over and over again that the mind and body work closely together. When your mind is saying exercise is a miserable chore, that’s most likely what it will feel like every time you do. When your thoughts dwell on the excess weight, a hopeless attitude that will undoubtedly make the pounds harder to lose.


7. Find inspiration that works for you. Some may want to lose the weight so they can fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes. Others may want to get healthy to reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes so they have a better chance of being around longer for their children. Another may need a role model or visual picture of someone they want to emulate. Motivations for getting in shape are unique. Figure yours out and use it to keep you going.


It only takes minor lifestyle adjustments to have a noticeable impact on both your physique and your health. Most of our daily routine is simply habit. Creating new habits takes just a little bit of time, and can be completely life changing.


Pregnancy weight loss


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